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I Dare You to Invest in Yourself!    I Dare You to Invest in Yourself!    I Dare You to Invest in Yourself!    I Dare You to Invest in Yourself!    I Dare You to Invest in Yourself!    I Dare You to Invest in Yourself!    I Dare You to Invest in Yourself!

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Struggling to balance website upkeep with your passions? DIY sites eat up time, leaving little for what you truly enjoy.

You're witnessing engagement on your socials, driving traffic to your website, but the conversions are lacking.

Connecting all your online bits and bobs feels like herding cats. DIY sites can be a bit finicky when it comes to integrating with other tools you rely on to keep your business running smoothly.

You're struggling with a poor user experience causing confusion for visitors trying to find their way through multiple links.

just manifest for a second…

what if...

You could entrust your website and branding to a professional, freeing up your time to focus on what you love most.

Your social media engagement could seamlessly translate into meaningful interactions on your website.

Connecting all your online tools and platforms was as simple as sharing your vision with a designer.

You could provide visitors with a seamless user experience, guiding them effortlessly through your site without any confusion or frustration.

Create a lasting impression on new visitors with cohesive branding that aligns with your overall vision and a user-friendly experience that makes engaging with your brand effortless, ensuring a positive overall experience.

package deets

Brand identity kit

Primary Logo
Submark Logo
Font Pairings
Color Palette
Mood Board
9 Social Media Templates
IG Highlights
Stock Photo Curation
Brand Board .PDF

brand strategy

Competitor Analysis
Audience Analysis
Brand Story 
Brand Awareness
Customer Journey
Strategic Homepage Layout

brand guideline printable pdf

creative direction

5 Page custom Showit Site 

Custom link in bio landing page

Domain Set-up
Basic SEO
Email Integration
Video Walkthrough Tutorials
1 Week Troubleshooting




a spirited creative professional who embarked on my journey with a MySpace code and a deep love for the local library. Once a corporate sales strategist, I have now merged my passion for books with my expertise in sales psychology to empower authors digitally. My focus lies in branding and web design, where I strive to assist authors and creatives in pursuing their dreams through soul-stirring solutions.

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It's not just web design; it's a rebellion against the mundane. 

Chase your Dreams with Confidence!

Are you prepared for a website that not only looks stunning but also drives conversions, turning your visitors into sales?

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You’ll get an onboarding packet with invites to our client portal and messaging board. Just dive in and fill out our brand strategy questionnaire and share your Pinterest mood board, images, and any legal stuff through the portal.


Time to Dream Up Your Design!

Once you've finished the detailed brand questionnaire, it's my turn to work my magic! Drawing from your insights, I'll craft your brand design and strategy. Once ready, I'll upload the design proposal to our client portal, and we'll schedule a Strategy call to discuss everything together. Need to chat or share ideas? We've got a client communication board for easy collaboration, ensuring nothing gets missed, even remotely!


Deliverable/Launch day!

Once you approve the designs, you'll unlock your comprehensive brand strategy and identity kit in our client portal. Each package includes a printable PDF brand guideline booklet featuring color combinations, exclusion zones, and typography guidelines for quick reference. All your files will be readily available in the portal. If you've opted for a website, I'll handle domain connection, basic SEO, email integration, and provide video tutorials for easy updates. Plus, website clients enjoy discounts on future services if DIY isn't your style.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Certainly! With all my services, you can opt for either a full payment or a convenient two-part payment plan. The initial payment secures your spot on the calendar upon booking, while the second payment is due after our strategy call, before delivery of your brand assets or website build begins.

Will I have access to you?

Absolutely! Besides our initial conversations to ensure I'm the right designer for you, we'll also schedule a 1-hour call to review your proposed strategy and designs, discussing any revisions along the way. Additionally, upon onboarding, you'll gain access to an Azura communication board, keeping all our conversations neatly organized in one place, saving you the hassle of hunting through endless emails. Plus, we can easily exchange video chats, voice notes, and more through this platform. And remember, my DMs and emails are always open to you whenever you need them!

How many revisions are included?

Your package covers up to two revisions at no extra cost. If you need more tweaks after that, additional revisions are $50.

What additional costs should I be aware of?

With a branding package, extra expenses typically involve printed materials like business cards. Also, keep in mind that this package includes fonts specifically for your logo. However, if you decide to use a custom font from your logo for future web projects, you might need to purchase an additional license. Don't stress, though! I'll provide all the font details, including where to purchase them. Just a heads up, I can't send you the font software due to copyright regulations. But no need to fret – we'll discuss all the font specifics during our brand strategy review call.

Do you exclusively create websites for authors?

Not at all! I specialize in developing sales-focused websites for a diverse range of clients. Whether you're an online coach, photographer, creative entrepreneur, real estate company, logistics trucking company, or any other business looking to enhance your online presence, I can help. My approach combines sales psychology and brand storytelling techniques to effectively sell your brand through a compelling narrative website. While I have a particular expertise in merging traditional product and service-based sales strategies for authors, my skills are adaptable to various industries and professions.

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