HI, I'm Amanda Paige

It all began with a MySpace code and a love affair with the local library.

I'm all about that sweet mix of creativity, psychology, and tech – it's like my happy place! I'm a big fan of throwing things together that you wouldn't expect. And you know what grinds my gears? When author websites are as dull as a rock. I'm on a mission to shake things up! Forget those boring product platforms – let's turn those websites into cozy hideaways where readers can get lost in the magic of stories. Let's bring some enchantment and allure to the digital world!

my whole story

My Story

Authors are missing out on a chance to truly connect with readers using their websites! 

Your author website isn't just a platform; it's your magical portal! Crafting captivating tales is your jam, but let's not forget the online magic. Readers crave behind-the-scenes authenticity, and your website is the perfect playground for that. I'm all in on the idea that author websites are like the superheroes of your digital world. Let's use that website to spark some genuine connections and make it the coolest hangout spot in town!

the prologue





It all began when

As a teenager, my first job involved creating real estate copy and Facebook ads for my family's property management business. This early experience sparked my passion for assisting small enterprises and startups, shaping my future path in marketing. 

shifting gears

rising action

I pursued an MBA, delving into corporate business development and marketing. Immersed in this environment, I gained insights into large teams and corporations, refining my skills in analytics, user experience, strategic decision-making, and customer engagement. My journey started humbly; I created my first website to sell my book merch designs, utilizing the principles of strategic selling and sales psychology.


After leading marketing for an executive recruitment firm, I delved into entrepreneurship, focusing on web design, strategic copy, content creation, and illustrations. Passionate about authors and creatives, I built my dream, and now, I'm equally passionate about helping others build theirs. Tired of using my skills for stale, uninspired corporate environments, I wanted to use my expertise to help authors build sites that not only are aesthetically pleasing but leverage the latest in sales psychology strategies to boost revenue and authentically connect with their target readers.

After earning my BS in Chemistry, my passion shifted from laboratory work to internal lab marketing and business management. Recognizing my marketing talent, a mentor guided me toward corporate marketing, where I discovered my true calling.


leap of faith

My journey took an exciting turn in 2021 when I started my bookstagram, and through collaborations with authors, I found my niche and love for designing for books and creative entrepreneurs. 


gaining tracktion

Dove headfirst into thrilling projects, even got my work published, and voila—built a cool following of 10K. Suddenly, my 'delusional state' felt like the hottest spot in town. Turns out, living in my creative wonderland? Not such a bad idea after all!

more this way

I had no clear path in mind, but one thing was certain: I had an undeniable urge to create. 

I built my dream, and now, I'm equally passionate about helping others build theirs. 

behind the scenes


When I'm not lost in the world of pixels, you'll find me sailing or engrossed in the pages of a captivating book. 

I proudly call myself a dog mom to two huskies and am currently transforming my cottage into a cozy, artsy retreat. I'm always experimenting with budget-friendly ways to recreate the quirkiest Pinterest inspirations.

So, whether you're eager to revamp your website, seeking expert advice, or simply want to chat about your favorite book, I'm here and excited to make your online journey as smooth as possible. Let's collaborate and create something truly awesome together!

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i'm ready!