I help people design their future.


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I help people

I help people design

I help people design their

I help people design their future

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Your passion built the foundation, but a captivating brand takes you further.

You've poured your heart into your dream. But captivating your target audience takes more than just passion. In today's saturated market, a generic brand can leave you lost in a sea of choices. 

It's time to rise above the noise. A captivating brand acts as a beacon, drawing your ideal audience in and showcasing your unique voice. 
It's time to unlock the full potential of what you’ve built!


no more drifitng!
Chart your brands course!

launching a brand can feel like setting sail on an uncharted sea.  

Paper Anchors provides a streamlined process, your personal navigation chart.

We'll break it down into manageable steps, equipping you with the complete toolkit to build a brand you love and steer your business towards success.





Let's map out your brand story and how it will come to life on your website.

Our comprehensive strategy questionnaire is your secret weapon, allowing us to craft a custom brand strategy based on your long-term goals.

Our guided process helps us collaborate to create a stunning logo and a website that reflects your brand perfectly.

We'll guide you through a smooth website launch and equip you with the tools to manage it with ease. No expensive retainers needed, say goodbye to coding woes!

work with amanda paige

Hey, my name is amanda paige, a spirited creative professional who embarked on my journey with a MySpace code and a deep love for the local library. Once a corporate sales strategist, I have now merged my passion for books with my expertise in sales psychology to empower authors & Businesses digitally..

Am i the design partner for you?

Choosing a design partner is a crucial step.

Learn about my experience and design philosophy to see if we're a good match.

I am so happy I chose Amanda to design my author website and brand strategy. Her invaluable knowledge in branding and design, and her creative ability to take my scatter-brained ideas and Pinterest boards and turn it into one cohesive design made me feel very confident in our partnership. Before working with Amanda, I had no idea I'd need her, but by the end there was no doubt I needed her on my team! If you are an indie author, like me, you definitely need Amanda in your corner. You will not regret it!

she knew me, my brand, and my book."

"I felt like

Jennifer L. Strand
Historical Romance AUthor

Amanda's been a client of mine for over a year, and when I decided to launch my own esthetics company, she was the first person I turned to for help. Amanda created an incredible brand identity that perfectly captures my vision. Plus, she taught me how to effectively use this branding in a targeted marketing strategy, which has been absolutely invaluable!

gave my brand the roadmap it needed."

"Amanda's in-depth strategy

Esthetician & Small business owner

delivered an exceptional yet affordable solution, showcasing her genuine dedication to nurturing small business growth. Paper Anchors not only met our brand strategy, design, and website needs, but transformed our business and our experience."

corporate branding strategy...

"Amanda's background in

Logistics Company owner

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with her! We had the privilege of working with Amanda when she illustrated our series map, and we could not have dreamed up a more stunning design! She’s incredibly talented, creative, and communicative, and delivers everything promised and more to her clients. Amanda went above and beyond for us, adding details to her work that even helped inspire facets of our storytelling for future books." 

excellent communicator on these projects."

"She has an incredible creative eye and an

Britt cooper & erin dulin
YA Fantasy Authors

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Craving a website that screams bestseller but tired of breaking the bank?

Be a beta tester for my brand-new author templates!

Psst! I have an exciting secret to share. I'm crafting unique templates tailored for aspiring authors. No need to settle for basic link sites or compromise on your landing page due to budget concerns. Every author deserves a site they're confident in, with full control over the look and vibe. Join as a beta tester for my Showit Site template; limited spots available.

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