Crafting a site that's not just visually stunning but sales-savvy is like blending creativity with a dash of magic. In the whirlwind of creating worlds and managing the bookish hustle, many creators settle for templates that kinda fit. We get it! Custom designs aren't always budget-friendly. That's why I'm launching author-tailored templates in 2024. Crafted with authors and book industry creatives in mind, these templates include tutorial videos for a swift setup within 24 hours.

Wanna be a beta tester? Your insights are gold! Grab these templates at a major discount before the official release—limited spots available, so sign up fast! Test out Showit with their free 14-day trial, and if you love it, use my affiliate link for your first 30 days free! Meanwhile, check out my top picks for platforms, affiliate links, and must-read books that fueled my journey. Elevate your online game with templates that spin your unique tale like no other.

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Craving a website that screams bestseller but tired of breaking the bank?

Be a beta tester for my brand-new author templates!

Psst! I have an exciting secret to share. I'm crafting unique templates tailored for aspiring authors. No need to settle for basic link sites or compromise on your landing page due to budget concerns. Every author deserves a site they're confident in, with full control over the look and vibe. Join as a beta tester for my Showit Site template; limited spots available. Click below for more info on what to expect, when to expect it, and to sign up!

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Essential Business Tools We Recommend

In the digital maze, discovering the right resources can be overwhelming. That's why we're sharing our trusted tools, helping you navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

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Google Workspace

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Google Workspace serves as our preferred platform for email, file storage, documents, and more.

Enhance your marketing endeavors with Moyo's premium stock photos and mockup designs.

Unify all your workspaces into a single dynamic platform and tailor custom templates to suit your unique style.

Capture your audience's attention with engaging and interactive quizzes on your website.

Explore their font library, mockups, and more, igniting your creativity to breathe life into your brand.

Canva's intuitive platform makes content creation effortless and accessible to all.

Books That Reshaped my Mindset

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