Bookstagram: How to Build an Authentic Account

Dear Bookstagram Dreamer,

I see you. I understand the apprehension that comes with starting a Bookstagram account, the fear of putting yourself out there, and the frustration of trying to build something beautiful from scratch. When I began my Bookstagram adventure back in 2021, I was just like you. No photography experience, no professional book reviews under my belt, and a fixation on follower counts that seemed to define my worth. I felt the same anxieties, the same uncertainties, and the same longing for connection.

I remember nights spent scrolling through perfectly curated Bookstagram feeds, wondering if I could ever create something so captivating. The pressure to match aesthetics and gain followers was overwhelming. Every blurry picture and every unfollow felt like a punch to my creativity. But in the midst of this struggle, I realized something crucial: the Bookstagram community is more than just follower counts and picture-perfect posts. It’s a haven for book lovers, a sanctuary where passion for literature trumps the need for perfection.

Authenticity Over Perfection

Close your eyes and imagine a Bookstagram world where authenticity reigns supreme. Picture yourself sharing your favorite book quotes, discussing beloved characters, and creating simple, genuine layouts that reflect your unique taste. Imagine the joy of connecting with fellow readers who share your passions, engaging in meaningful conversations that go beyond the surface. In this world, Bookstagram isn’t about numbers; it’s about building a genuine literary haven online, a place where your love for books shines brightly, unhindered by fears and insecurities.

Tips for Your Bookstagram Journey

Making your vision real is all about being yourself.

Don’t be afraid to share your love for books in your own way – it’s what makes you unique. Learn some photography skills, play with different styles, but don’t stress about being perfect. It’s not about having flawless photos anymore. People want to see the real you – the messy, behind-the-scenes stuff. That genuine connection matters more than picture-perfect posts.

Feel free to get ideas from Pinterest or other Bookstagram accounts you like, but always give credit where it’s due, and add your own personal touch. Just be you, and your bookish passion will shine through, attracting others who love books just as much as you do.

Think about using tools like Adobe Lightroom and filter packs to spice up your photos. You can find some affordable ones on Etsy that can really amp up your pictures. But hey, don’t forget, what really matters is keeping it real. Your content’s heart and soul come from you, not the filters or fancy props. Don’t get stuck copying others – your squad is out there, waiting for your authentic voice.

Oh, and that follower count? It’s just a number.

Focus on connecting with real people instead. When your numbers go up and down, take it as a chance to try new stuff and see what your audience loves. Bookstagram isn’t about spending loads on props or rare editions; it’s about sharing your book love in a way that feels totally you.


Q: Do I need professional photography equipment to start my Bookstagram journey?

A: While good lighting and a decent smartphone can help, the essence of Bookstagram lies in your love for books, not the equipment you use. Start with what you have and upgrade gradually if you feel the need.

Q: How can I deal with negative feedback or unfollows?

A: Remember, not every follower loss is a reflection of your worth. Stay true to your passion, engage with positive communities, and focus on the connections that uplift you.

Don’t Hesitate! Begin Your Bookstagram Journey – Your Voice Matters!

As you step into the world of Bookstagram, take a moment to think: What kind of Bookstagrammer do I want to be? Think about why you love books, what makes your viewpoint special, and the connections you want to make. Remember, your Bookstagram story is completely yours to create. Let your authenticity guide you to your online bookish sanctuary.

So, my fellow Book Lover, what books are you itching to talk about? How do you want to spread your love for reading? It all starts with a single post, a recommendation straight from your heart, or a beloved quote. Just be yourself, and let your Bookstagram adventure unfold naturally.

Happy Bookstagramming!

P.S. Dive deeper into the world of Bookstagram with my free guide, Bookstagram Kickstart: Navigating New Terrain with Confidence. Remember, your story matters, and Bookstagram is richer with your voice in it.

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