Craft Your Tale: Author Branding Through Brand Archetypes

Crafting unique brand identities is what I do for a living, yet when it came to my own brand, I hit a wall. It’s like being a seasoned tour guide who can expertly navigate others through a labyrinthine city but struggles to find their way in a familiar neighborhood. Perhaps you’ve felt this too – excelling in your craft when it’s for others, but finding it challenging when it’s for yourself. Multiple attempts at branding marked my journey, each reflecting a different facet of my personality. The struggle to blend creativity with professionalism and find a brand that encapsulated my creative grit and business acumen seemed insurmountable. In a desperate quest for perfection, I kept changing my branding elements – colors, fonts, logos, messaging, and strategy. If only I had known where to start. If only I had understood the power of archetypes in the beginning.

I remember those nights all too well, endlessly fine-tuning my brand to pursue that elusive, perfect reflection of my identity. It’s that perfectionism trait many of us are all too familiar with. I became so absorbed in learning and refining that I lost sight of a fundamental truth – creation thrives when shared. It’s about putting your work out there, not endlessly tinkering in the shadows. I wasted precious time and energy in a constant whirlwind of brand changes but never hit the publish button. It delayed my business launches, leaving me wondering, are you perhaps holding back on releasing your book or launching your business too?

Imagine a world where your brand effortlessly conveys your essence, where your readers connect with your work on a profound level from first glance. Picture a reality where your brand speaks volumes before your words do, drawing readers in like a moth to a flame. Envision the freedom to create without self-doubt, where your brand stands strong and unwavering, reflecting your unique voice and style.

Brand Archetypes: An Introduction

Discovering your authentic author brand starts with grasping the concept of archetypes. These archetypes are like the foundational building blocks of your brand, each representing a unique facet of storytelling. Dive deep into your creativity and personality by exploring the seven distinct archetypes tailored for authors. Each archetype carries its own set of characteristics, enabling you to create a brand that truly resonates with your readers. Understanding these archetypes is the first step toward unlocking the essence of your storytelling identity. Let’s unpack them below:

  • The Creator:
    • Embraces creativity, imagination, and self-expression.
    • Pushes boundaries of creativity, introducing new perspectives and storytelling methods.
    • Ideal for authors who view writing as an art form, weaving intricate and innovative narratives.
  • The Sage:
    • Seeks knowledge and truth, aiming to educate, enlighten, and guide readers.
    • Writes informative content, non-fiction books, self-help guides, or insightful essays.
    • Imparts wisdom, encouraging readers to explore the depths of their understanding.
  • The Explorer:
    • Embraces adventure, curiosity, and freedom.
    • Writes about travel, exploration, and self-discovery, in both fiction and non-fiction.
    • Embarks on journeys, both physical and metaphorical, captivating readers with new experiences.
  • The Lover:
    • Passionate, romantic, and deeply connected to emotions.
    • Explores human relationships, emotions, and connections in various genres, especially romance novels.
    • Delves into the complexities of love, offering readers a profound emotional experience.
  • The Hero:
    • Courageous, determined, and focused on making a difference.
    • Writes about protagonists overcoming challenges, inspiring readers with moral and motivational messages.
    • Empowers readers to face adversity, instilling a sense of bravery and hope.
  • The Jester:
    • Playful, humorous, and entertaining.
    • Creates comedy, satire, or light-hearted fiction, bringing joy and laughter to readers.
    • Offers an escape from reality, infusing stories with wit and humor.
  • The Everyman:
    • Represents relatability, down-to-earth values, and a sense of belonging.
    • Writes about everyday life, common struggles, and ordinary people, making stories easy to relate to.
    • Reflects the experiences of the average person, forging a genuine connection with readers.

Discover your dominant archetype by taking our free Author Branding Quiz: Find Your Literary Archetype. Embrace the archetype that aligns with your writing style and core message, and remember, your unique blend of archetypes can create a brand that resonates profoundly with your readers. 


Q1: Can I blend multiple archetypes in my author brand?

Certainly! Many authors find their voice by blending elements from multiple archetypes. It allows for a richer, more nuanced brand that can appeal to a broader audience. Think of it as painting with a palette of different colors. The key is to identify the dominant archetype that represents the core essence of your writing. It’s the foundation upon which you can creatively blend other elements, creating a unique blend that mirrors your complexity as a writer.

Q2: What if my writing style doesn’t fit perfectly into one archetype?

That’s completely normal! Writing is a diverse and multi-faceted craft, and authors often explore various themes and genres throughout their careers. If you find it challenging to fit your entire body of work into one archetype, focus on the overarching theme that ties your stories together. Your archetype should align with the essence of your message and the emotions you want to evoke in your readers. It’s about capturing the soul of your writing rather than fitting into a rigid mold. Remember, your brand should be as dynamic and evolving as your storytelling.

What stories are you holding back because your brand doesn’t align with your essence? Take the leap, discover your archetype, and let your words shine authentically.

Happy writing!

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