What is your process for creating a book map, and how much creative input do you welcome from the author?

Your creative input is invaluable; it shapes the entire project. I encourage you to share sketches, mood boards, Pinterest inspirations, and any details about your story's world. We'll kick off our collaboration with a comprehensive call, during which I'll absorb your vision. I'll then translate our conversation into initial sketches, refining them based on your feedback. Your vision guides every stroke of my pen, ensuring the map mirrors your narrative world seamlessly.

What is the expected timeline for creating the book map, including revisions?

Typically, the process spans three weeks. The first week involves our initial discovery calls and administrative tasks. In the second week, I immerse myself in sketching and drafting your map. The third week is dedicated to revisions based on your feedback. While two revisions are included in my standard service, additional revisions may require a nominal fee and will naturally extend the timeline, ensuring your vision is meticulously realized.

How do you handle feedback and revisions?

I offer two revisions as part of my initial services. If further revisions are desired, we can discuss the scope and any associated fees. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I strive to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.

What industries or topics do you specialize in?

I have a diverse portfolio, including non-profits, professional services, real estate, healthcare, executive search firms, and creative ventures like aestheticians and authors. My expertise spans various sectors, ensuring I can adapt my writing style to suit your specific industry and audience.

What is your editing and proofreading process?

To ensure impeccable writing, I employ a combination of advanced software tools and human proofreading. This meticulous process guarantees correct grammar, syntax, and style. Your content undergoes multiple checks, ensuring it is polished and error-free before delivery.

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